EPISODE NOTES This is a short and sweet 1-1 pep-talk with Jenny for women who are already taking care of themselves with healthy habits in place but constantly think, “what’s next for me?”. Jenny talks about why goal setting is the best approach for your growth. Being in the publishing industry, Jenny receives many requests […]

I’m going to make a bold statement: MaxPro, the revolutionary gym-in-a-backpack, is the one piece of equipment you never knew you needed!

I’ll be honest, I tried MaxPro with some trepidation. I mean, how could this tiny, compact gym-in-a-backpack actually function properly for what I need in my workouts?

Turns out, it’s actually perfect for those who travel for work (hi!), want to bring it along to train on vacation, or just have limited space in their home gym. 

Episode Notes Jodi is a 60 year old lady, who looks and acts nothing like the “typical” 60 year old woman. In this episode, Jodi breaks down how she has kept her healthy lifestyle to this day. You are never too old to do something. You may be scared of aging, but it is just […]

Episode Summary In this episode Coach Jenny reaches into the reasoning about how we should be measuring our progress in our own personal fitness journey’s. We get a good look at how to set rational goals, the importance of investing time and patience, and how to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves when it comes […]

EPISODE NOTES In this episode Coach Jenny tells us how we can achieve something when motivation isn’t always present. She discusses the importance of consistency and discipline, and understanding the relationship between our motivation and our accomplishments. We’re reminded that good things take time and how we can develop the habits we need to reach […]

EPISODE NOTES Jenny speaks to Jaclyn Phillips, Strong Girls head coach, movement expert, and co-host of the Hanger Management Podcast. Jaclyn opens up about her long-time struggle with anxiety, and how movement, daily activity, and health and wellness, have played an instrumental role in helping her cope with some of life’s most difficult moments. Together […]

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