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The mission of Team Strong Girls is to help busy women and mothers alike transform their bodies and live life to the fullest.

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When you become a TEAM STRONG GIRLS Coaching Client, you will get into the best shape of your life with your own individualized program designed based on your goals, your lifestyle, food preferences and your schedule. You will receive unlimited coaching support and features.

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dr. stephanie estima

real results

Dr. Stephanie Estima took her fitness goals to the next level and landed her very first cover with STRONG Fitness Magazine

Dr. Stephanie Estima is an entrepreneur (Women’s Body Transformation Coach (The Estima Diet) and a Business Coach helping female practitioners make more money (Estima Certification).

She wanted to take her fitness goals to the next level with a defined body along with having the energy to keep up with her kids and career.

Within 6 months she accomplished just that, along with landing her very first Fitness Magazine cover and growing her business empire!

Shawna Van Doorslaer

Lawyer, businesswoman, and mom Shawna Van Doorslaer has always been passionate about self-improvement. But she needed a kickstart to get her body goals on track, so I gave her my playbook—the rest is herstory!

i'm ready to start my transformation


Head Coach

Owner of STRONG Fitness Magazine, Find Your STRONG podcast, and North America’s #1 body transformation team, Team STRONG Girls. And, of course, wife and mom to two young boys that are my world.

I know personally what it’s like to struggle with body image and mindset, and finding that harmonious balance between work, life, and fitness.  

In fact, I’ll be real with you about the body image/mindset struggle. Years ago, I struggled with an eating disorder. I even fainted on the gym floor once while training a client. A low point for me, but I’m eternally grateful for the wake-up call.


I struggled with an eating disorder for years.

Because what I was doing—burning myself out slogging through hours of cardio and consuming very few calories—clearly just wasn’t working.  

It wasn’t working to transform my body, and it wasn’t working to create any kind of work/life balance. I didn’t have the energy I needed to succeed at both—and I didn’t even have kids yet at this point! 

But you know what? I’m so far from the only woman out there who’s tried a major calorie deficit and tons of cardio and failed, or yo-yo dieted only to be constantly disappointed.  

I know this because ever since developing my tried-and-true 5-month body transformation method based on science and rooted in balance over a decade ago, I’ve worked with countless professional women like you, helping them achieve their best bodies.

I’ll be real with you


featured episodes:

Real Talk: How To Stand Up For What You Believe In

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But more than that, I’ve shown thousands of women how to completely transform their lives to be the most productive, successful version of themselves—at home and in the workplace. 

My mission is always to support and uplift women, and to teach you how to achieve not only your best body but your best mindset.

So, what do you say? Can you commit to me for the next 5 months and let me guide you to totally transform into the FIT, STRONG Professional Woman and Mom I know you can be??  

Let’s DO this, together! I’ve got you. 


Because being strong in body goes hand in hand with being strong in mind.

Christina Velocci

real results

A television producer for HGTV’s Scott Brothers, Christina got into the best shape of her life

Struggled for so long with different diets and endless cardio. With Jenny, Christina worked on staying on the STRONG Girls path despite her busy career, homeschooling, and everything else that's been happening to all of us over this tumultuous year.

With all of the STRONG Girl methods now on autopilot (food subbing, on-plan recipes, consistency, Correct and Continue, and–more importantly–putting herself at the top of her priority list), today she is stronger for her family and for her career. She’s also achieved that dream-come-true goal of hers by celebrating all her success with a STRONG Girls photoshoot. And, she slayed!

Rebecca Madeline

Network Marketing Business Owner/5 children, and inspiration to her family and business community
Despite trying many diets and adding a lot of cardio to her regimen, Rebecca struggled with making the physique progress for someone that trained so hard.

When she started working with Team STRONG Girls, we increased her calories and carbohydrate intake to support her weight training program along with reducing some of the cardio she was doing.

In as little as 90 days, Rebecca’s physique completely transformed with more detail and shape resulting in a few features as a published Fitness Model.

Jordanna Nativ

NASM Personal Trainer, EP Coach, speaker, published author, mom, and Team STRONG Girls Coach Jordanna Nativ made massive lifestyle changes with me to realize not only her best body, but her absolute best self!  


It’s unreal the transformations I see every day and it truly overflows my cup! 

Beauty is so much more than skin deep… but let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt to look amazing, and know damn well how awesome you look. Sometimes the external beauty you feel oozes out as extra confidence and gives you that boost you need to take on the most gruelling of days. 

Not to mention the literal energy you’ll feel when you’re living in your best body. Because to discover your best body, you’ll need to fuel it like an athlete, and I’m going to teach you just how to do that. Sustainably and with reason, so that you have the oomph to keep pushing through either meetings or play dates with ease.

I transform moms and business owners into fitness models.



So far from it. It’s to get strong in mind and body.  

Strong women are unstoppable. And we lift each other up. I’m here to guide you to realizing your strongest self so you can take on your world, every single day. Whether that’s running your business or your household, or both, what you need is sustainable energy—we can’t have you getting burnt out.  

So, together we’ll work on building your midsection, glutes, arms, legs—and of course, your mindset. We’re going to make you STRONG in every way. Soak that in. You’re going to be a force. I can’t wait to watch you soar.

The emphasis on my program is not to get wispy stick thin.



I’m not going to do the work for you, because quite simply, I can’t. So I’m going to give you something so much more valuable than that. I’m going to teach you the “why” behind my method so that you can fully understand and transfer that into action. 

Nutritional and lifestyle education for sustainable weight loss is KEY for my STRONG Girls. It is the secret to allowing my ladies to lean out, gain muscle, and most importantly, KEEP IT THAT WAY.  

I’ll give you all the tools in my toolbox so you can live your absolute best life. I so want that for you! 





i'm ready to start my transformation

Andrea Phillips

Andrea achieved her fitness goals without having to do endless cardio and lower her calories

After losing 60 lbs on her own, Andrea started gaining the weight back but was determined to not slide too far back and see what she can accomplish on her own.

Since working with her, she hasn’t looked back since achieving a balanced lifestyle and completely transformed her physique.

Andrea says, “I discovered that I have abs–what an amazing day when I saw them the first time and that I’ve built some mean guns. I love finding out that it’s not too late to build an awesome body and it’s safe to say I look better at 40 than I did at 30. How awesome is that?”

Megan Van Vleet

Who knew that Megan’s commitment to fitness would result in landing an international Fitness Cover?

Megan dropped 25 lbs, corrected a number of postural imbalances (that she didn't realize were causing her unnecessary pain/discomfort), and shredded over 6 inches around her waist. 

Most importantly, she learned a lifestyle and healthy habits that she didn’t know existed before Jenny.

Jenn Pike

Jenn transformed her body with more lean muscle to rock her feature spread in STRONG Fitness Magazine

When Jenn had the opportunity to write a feature article in STRONG Fitness Magazine, she reached out to me to make sure she was in the best shape of her life.

Within a few short months, Jenn had more detail and shape, rocking her photoshoot!

Her feature in STRONG also helped Jenn take her brand to the next level!


i'm ready to start my transformation


The decision is now.

Your own individualized nutrition program/strategy that will include menus based on the foods you love and even Free Meals where you get to eat what you want (i.e. restaurant meals, pizza, hamburgers, dessert, etc.)

Your own customized workout program and access to my Training App so you can go to the gym and know exactly what you need to do and when to do it – right in the palm of your hand. More importantly you’ll be doing less cardio but have vastly improved results.

Access to your coach via email to have your questions answered and get the attention and support to help you succeed.

Access to a number of VIP success tools (FAQ Sheets, Videos, Recipes, Navigation Tools, Vacation Workouts, etc.) to maximize your results and enjoy life while also being on plan.

Access to our Private Food Flexible tools that allow you to enjoy unlimited food variety and still be on track and compliant with your program.

Membership to our Private Facebook Support Group to help you get to your goals faster and connect with other STRONG GIRLS around the world who are on the same journey as you; this group helps immensely with accountability by sharing best practices and helping you succeed through life’s most common obstacles.



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