In this episode, Jenny is joined by Naturopathic Doctor, Entropolgist and client, Dr. Meghan Walker. Meghan is an award-winning speaker on topics related to women’s performance medicine, brain health, and entrepreneurship. They sit down this week to talk about the connection between health and performance, and how optimizing and prioritizing our own wellness can enhance […]

This pep talk is a quick one but it is comin’ at ya bold and impactful! It’s time to break free from the pressure and weight of other people’s opinions of you and embrace your authentic self. When you can truly learn to let go of the fear of judgement from others, you can really […]

This one-on-one pep talk from Jenny introduces the subject of navigating perimenopause, the importance of being an advocate for your own health, and how digging deeper into your health and hormones can become the guiding light you may need at a certain stage of your own personal fitness journey. Jenny shares how her coaching business […]

Join Coach JVB and Sunday Farms founder Charlie Iscoe for round 2 of understanding meat jargon and decoding the butcher counter. Learn why meat terms are relevant for your health, how to understand why pasture-raised + grass-fed and organic practices are important, and more on all things meat! Links for this episode: Use the code STRONG for 25% […]

Coach Jenny is joined by STRONG Fitness Magazine’s May/June cover athlete and first ever Cover Model Search winner Noel Davis, who opens up to share her story of triumph over trials and how her focus, passion and ambition pushed her to success through the toughest of times. Noel shows us that overcoming obstacles is ALWAYS […]

Long time STRONG Girl turned Coach Marilynn Roth sits down with Jenny to get up close and personal about how her own fitness journey morphed into a major career change. Marilynn shares her story about going from toxic diet culture habits and body dysmorphia to feeling powerful and fit, and how finding her physical strength […]

Join Coach JVB for an insightful and helpful one-on-one chat about how to get more done in less time. Are you familiar with Parkinson’s Law? This one is all about how the more time you give yourself to accomplish something, the longer it will take you to get it done. Jenny shares examples from her […]

Join us this week for a thought-provoking and raw conversation about the science of relationships with clinical psychologist, relationship expert, author and speaker Dr. Morgan Anderson. This intimate chat will reveal understanding, awareness, and our deep connection to our attachment styles as they connect to our place as partners, as well as problem-solving techniques and […]

Head Coach of Team STRONG Girls and the first franchisee Jaclyn Phillips comes back for her third episode with coach Jenny to reminisce about their journey together as the company and coaching strategy grew. They dive into how Jenny mentored Jaclyn to help her build her own online business while she was assisting Jenny with […]

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