Coach Jenny is joined by renowned fitness expert, celebrity trainer and best-selling author Obi Obadike. Obi has authored hundreds of health and wellness articles for print and web globally, graced more than 50 fitness magazine covers, and appeared on most of the major US daytime talk shows. He is considered one of the most published […]

Join Jenny in saying “I QUIT!” As she reflects on what 2022 brought her and what she accomplished, she shares her focus and promise for 2023, reminding us all that the act of quitting can truly give us more than what it takes away. You’ll never accomplish your goals if you’ve got toxicity, bad habits […]

Jenny is joined by holistic wellness instructor and author Alicia Mathlin, who shares how a sudden full-body cancer diagnosis wasn’t actually her first major health scare; even before that profound and terrifying discovery putting her health first set her on a course to clean, clear, and change her whole life. No easy feat, Alicia uprooted […]

Join Jenny for this super insightful pep talk about how to show up in bigger and better ways for yourself as a holiday visit from a close family friend helped shine a spotlight on Jenny’s own routine and how her cardiovascular activity reduction was negatively impacting her energy levels. (Yes, even fitness professionals experience a […]

Get off the hamster wheel and into your forward momentum! Do you feel stuck? Unmotivated? Full of ideas and plans but feeling the overwhelm of yet another turn of a calendar year and the pressure that accompanies it? In this one-on-one pep talk with coach Jenny she gives us a gains approach to focusing on […]

This episode is all about a usually unspoken subject that isn’t just for seniors and new moms – the pelvic floor! Jenny is joined by Body Transformation Coach and Pelvic Floor Expert Nicole Thorne, who opens our eyes and minds about what exactly the pelvic floor is, why this core part of a women’s body […]

Join Jenny solo for an intimate chat about the importance of community and where to find your place in them. Surround yourself with people you can support and who supports you. How to have a dream community. Guard your yard and don’t invest time with people who are not moving in your direction. Be mindful […]

Fitness trainer, author, mindset coach, bodybuilding competitor.. The list goes on when it comes to Hannah Dawson, who joins Jenny this week to share her story and passion for fitness. Hannah gets intimate with us to divulge how her experiences with an eating disorder at a young age, parental abuse, and addiction gave her the […]

What do you want your life to look like? This one is for all the goal setters, our peeps who are open to change and are all about growth. Join Jenny for this one-on-one eye opening chat about knowing your WHAT before your WHY as you build out your dream life. It’s time to focus […]

In this very special episode, Coach Jenny gets to take her turn on the mic as the interviewee, diving into all things body transformation with Team Strong Girls coach Jordanna Nativ. Coach Jordanna shares her beginnings, journey and continued growth within the STRONG Girls family and gets joined by Coach Jenny in this inspiring and […]

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