EPISODE NOTES In this “coach’s corner” episode, I dive into all things training with Team STRONG Girls coach Tijana Daly, who shares her experiences as a gym floor trainer turned online fitness coach. We talk shop about how to get the most out of your body transformation programming, the STRONG Girls methodology, her favourite key […]

EPISODE NOTES In this pep talk, I will take you down memory lane. To the time when I all ever wanted and dreamed of was to land a cover of a fitness magazine. But I was doing it for all the wrong reasons while starving and killing myself doing cardio. It was until I did […]

EPISODE NOTES Ellen Latham takes on this episode with her enormous passion for fitness. The OG powerhouse has had a 48-year career and her franchise business Orange Theory has 1,450 studios across the world. This amazing woman is here to talk about her trajectory and how she has been able to scale and sustain her […]

EPISODE NOTES When you take much-needed vacations with frozen mojitos, do you find it hard to get back to your fitness routine? Where do you even start? I got you covered with this episode. You will go deep into my 7 go-to mechanisms on how to maintain the results and body physique no matter what […]

EPISODE NOTES I HAD to bring my A++ student to the show. See, Sara Frenza exceeded all our expectations of a body and life transformation. This mama went from avoiding mirrors to a published model on her first photoshoot! In this episode, you’ll learn how to go from a complete fitness newbie to a visionary […]

EPISODE NOTES Entrepreneurship is a journey that can feel scary and lonely. But it doesn’t have to be. In this episode, Jenny chats with Kena Paranjape, founder of All You are, a women’s style brand. Her life and business are a testament to the endless possibilities entrepreneurs have. Listen to her path on how she went from […]

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