28 Day Fat Loss Blueprint

Thank you for checking out my Food Substitution Calculator. This tool was created to allow you to freely substitute your “On Plan” dieting foods for almost unlimited food flexibility. The calculator substitutes your portioned “On Plan” dieting foods with another food of your choice based on calories so you’re always on plan and not handcuffed to eating the same thing over and over again.

If you’re unsure of how to use the Food Substitutions Calculator, click image below  to download it provides a list of of food groups to make it easier for you to understand how to substitute correctly (i.e. Protein for Protein, Carbohydrate for Carbohydrates, and Fats for Fats).

Fat Loss Blueprint

ATTENTION women looking to lose more than 15 lbs. Do you often find yourself committing to boot-camp classes or get on some sort of running streak and your body just never seems to change.

Your clothes are still tight and the darn scale won’t budge.

Frustrating right?

NEWSFLASH: While exercise and keeping active is critical to your ultimate success, that’s just not enough for you to lose the fat you want to.

To get those abs and lean thighs you have always wanted you have to eat right for your goals.

Even if you work out hard for an hour every day, that still leaves 23 more hours for you to ruin all your hard work with just one slip-up: a small handful of chips, a glass of wine with the girls or an ice cream cone with the kids.

What you eat and how much you eat is a huge part of the fat loss equation. It’s the backbone of your entire plan, the foundation of a tight and lean, youthful body.

Discover the nutrition program that helped thousands of my clients lose weight, slim down their waist and hips, achieve their youthful looking bodies back, and increase their energy levels in just 4 short weeks.

Imagine losing up to 11-15 lbs every 28 days by knowing exactly what to eat, step-by-step, without having to figure out complicated macros calculations, depriving yourself of your favourite foods, or relying on supplements that don’t work.

I have a real heart warming story to tell you but first…

If you’re tired of…

  • Constantly yo-yo dieting
  • Being let down by the latest diet fad such as Cleanses, Detoxes, Juice Diets, Shake Diets, no carbs, etc.
  • Trying to lose weight for vacations or events
  • Eating bland meals because this is the only way you know how to diet
  • Wasting your life spending hours on the treadmill

Then you need to discover the Done-For-You 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint nutrition program that you can follow, enjoy, and lose weight at the same time.

With my 28-Day Fat Loss Fat Loss Blueprint, it doesn’t matter if you dieted in the past and failed because you will learn exactly how much to eat to lose weight and boost your energy and metabolism.

And keep that weight off for good.

So it doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes in the past by being talked into the latest diet craze or weight loss supplement that didn’t get rid of your belly fat or jiggly thighs like it promised.

It’s not your fault.

Since we all have to eat, why not eat foods that we enjoy and in portion sizes that are guaranteed to help get that weight off and keep it off forever?

Maybe you were talked into eliminating carbs by someone that didn’t know any better or someone told you to drink protein shakes all day long instead of eating real food?

I’m sorry but those strategies don’t work and I urge you to stop doing that because restricting food will only slow down your metabolism eventually causing you to gain fat very quickly and easily which is something nobody wants.

In fact, by following the secrets of my 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint strategies, the women I worked with were so shocked by how fast the weight was coming off and all the food they were eating.

If you don’t believe that food properly portioned to your weight loss goal tightens up your body and banishes the belly fat for good.

In fact, I provided the nutritional coaching for up-and-coming actress Vlada Verevko in helping her land a part in one of my favourite television shows – Suits on the USA Channel. She did without starving herself and looked slender and sexy.


Vlada Verevko, Actress/Producer, Los Angeles, CA

“I was having a difficulty getting back in shape and was constantly complaining how the stubborn few extra kilos that I’ve gained over a year of neglecting my health wouldn’t go away especially with an upcoming

As a model I’ve tried all the diets possible and impossible over the course of my 10-year career. While I lost some weight with these diets, none of them were lasted and any small progress just came back as even more weight to lose. I was sick of yo-yo dieting.

By following the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint, it turns out healthy and lean doesn’t have to mean starving and lack of food options.

I’m living in Los Angeles and never have to starve myself for television/movie/modelling opportunities because I know exactly what to eat and how to portion my food for my goals.

Thank you Jenny!”

And in 2013, I also helped Cancer Survivor Jackie Javier lose over 23 lbs and eliminate the side effects of her cancer medication. The best news of all is she has been cancer free for over 5 years.


Jackie Javier, age 56, AIDS Researcher and Cancer Survivor, San Francisco, CA

“At first, receiving a Nutrition program online from Toronto to San Francisco sounded crazy and I had my reservations but Coach Jenny came highly recommended and I’m glad I did it.

The Nutrition Program was so easy to follow and I knew exactly how much to eat based on my goals.

I lost over 23 lbs including 5 inches around my belly button and, more importantly, I feel great and don’t feel the side effects of my cancer medication.

My life’s motto is “I HAD CANCER BUT CANCER NEVER HAD ME” and this program has allowed me to be a healthy and fit inspiration to others.”

Listen to Ilana Van Zyl’s story who lost an incredible 43 lbs including 8 inches around her belly button and 7 inches around her hips in 5 months using my 28 Day Fat Loss Solution 5 times until she got to her goal weight.

Here’s Ilana more than 1 year later about to give away her “sad fat clothes” forever.

“Before working with Jenny, I felt kind of hopeless about losing weight and being happy in my body.

I had been yo-yo dieting, gaining and losing weight for over 10 years, and after every half success I’d revert back to old habits, adding a couple extra more pounds, and having more even difficulties losing it the next time around.

I was really at a low point and felt as though my body was simply broken, like I was meant to be the big girl in the group.

I had just about given up.

And I was so out of shape that I injured myself running a half marathon. I couldn’t believe that I could train for a half marathon for over a year and still look the same – Big and soft.

So I tried dieting by counting calories and trying to figure out macros – how confusing!

After that I tried Atkins and a half attempt at Weight Watchers.

But it didn’t make any difference since none of it was really tailored to my needs and it was never a way of eating I could see myself doing for a prolonged period of time.

It was always a quick fix with some weight loss but after a few short weeks the weight would be back on my body.

I decided being big was just my new constant companion hoping that nobody would notice if I just hide it well enough by creatively disguising my body with clothing – I had a closet full of sad clothes.

Shopping was an absolute nightmare and I avoided mirrors at all cost.

It was a very unhappy time for me. So much energy was wasted because I simply didn’t have the knowledge of what I should eat, and how much is enough for my body and in what portions.

Jenny taught me that food is not the enemy, and exercise should never be used to punish yourself for the bad eating decisions you made.

It is the habits you have created and fostered surrounding food, and your relationship with it that really matters.

I used to be so goal orientated on just losing weight so dieted by restricting foods too aggressively and always reverted back to bad habits that weren’t serving me anymore because I would diet with such harsh restriction.

With this nutrition program, I felt like I had control over my eating habits – I knew exactly how much to eat, knew how to make adjustments to my plan, had plenty of food variety, and was able to enjoy myself on weekends.

I lost over 42 lbs including 8 inches around my belly button and 7 inches off of my hips.

Here I am over 1 year later throwing away all of my sad clothes because the weight is still off.

No rebound here.

I’m healthy, happy, and I know exactly how to stay lean.”

Hi, I’m Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe (aka Coach JVB), and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Body Transformation Specialist.

And over the last 8 years, I’ve helped thousands of women lose unwanted belly fat and battle cellulite by teaching them what to eat and exactly how much to eat.

As a Diet Coach that believes in long-term, maintainable and sustainable results; food flexibility and enjoyment must be a big component of my weight loss strategy especially because I came from 2 generations of restaurant ownership so flavour and enjoyment of food is incredibly important to me.

But first I have to tell you an embarrassing story because it wasn’t always like this.

The Dutch Kitchen, Mississauga, ON, Canada

The Dutch Kitchen, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Like most people looking to lean out and lose weight, I gave up a lot of my favorite foods, gave up my social life, ate a lot of bland food, and spent endless hours doing cardio.

Until one day all of the extra hard work I spent on trying to be leaner and the lack of food finally caught up to me..and not in a good way.

I actually fainted while training a client due to low blood sugar.

How embarrassing!

This could not be what “Fitness” or “Being Healthy” was all about so I decided to find another way by spending every hour of my work day researching weight loss and food flexibility.

I studied to be a Nutritionist and I remembered all of the tips that a number of Trainers told me which is the same bogus information that is on television and magazines – that restrictive dieting never mattered for someone looking to balance life or maintain and sustain their results.

Even worse why weren’t any of these practices were ever questioned?

Instead of uprooting my life upside down just to look more lean, I needed to find another way where eating food wasn’t meant to be punishment.

I researched and experimented on myself…and researched and experimented some more.

Today I pride myself always being in shape and never one to shy away from a meal of my choice.

In fact, 6 short months after the birth of my son, I had lost all 27 lbs of my baby weight by following my Fat Loss Solution Strategies and was featured as the #3 Fitness Model in the World in Inside Fitness Magazine’s Annual Hot and Fit 100.

At 11 months Postpartum, I achieved a dream of mine by landing my very first fitness cover for Inside Fitness Women again using this very same dieting program.


The only thing you will need for the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint is a Food Scale so our portions are measured for our goals.

And that’s it.

Plus I have a weekend survival guide and a number of recipes to keep your weight loss goals fresh and prevent this process from feeling like a restrictive diet.

But you’re probably tired of hearing from me so I’m going to turn the rest of this article over to my 28 Day Fat Loss Solution Success Stories to answer all of your questions:

1) Will this diet be effective if I’m not working out?

Of course it will! The content that I cover will show you clearly how to establish how much food you need to eat whether or not you exercise.

2) How much do I need to eat?

I will show you exactly how much you need to eat in every meal

3) Is this a low carb diet?

Absolutely not! Carbs are essential for continued fat loss and we have the option for a lot of fun carbs and still stay on plan.

4) Do I ever get to eat fun foods or have cheat meals?

Yes! I’m a firm believer in food flexibility and have built in strategies for foods that you want to eat while continuing to lean out.

5) What if I have less than 20 lbs to lose?

This program works best for women that have more than 20 lbs to lose for maximum results. If you have less than 20 lbs and more than 10 lbs to lose, this program will still be very successful for you but results will be slower.

6) What if I’ve had to lose the weight for years? Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. Again the strategies clearly identify your caloric deficit and will still allow you to eat with your loved ones.

7) How many times can I do the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint if I still have more weight to lose?

You can use it over as many times as you would like. In fact, I encourage you to use the program in 4-week intervals with a 1-2 week break.

8) Do I have to do hours of cardio?

Absolutely not. The 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint doesn’t require exercise of any kind but, if you are exercising, this can work great in conjunction with your workouts.

9) What if I’m Vegan or Vegetarian?

Unfortunately this programming does not support a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle.

10) How much weight can I expect to lose in 28 days?

This will vary from person to person but you can expect to lose 11-15 lbs right off the bat when starting the plan.

Jovana Gubolovic, age 33, mom of 3, Vaughn, ON

“I lost over 60 lbs along with 10 inches off of my waist and, for the first time, have control of my body even surpassing my original weight loss goals. I know what to eat and how much.”

Lori Ann McLeod, age 41, mom of 2, Milton, ON

“As a busy mommy of 2 and Fitness Studio owner, I always struggled knowing what to eat and how much. I always felt physically drained and even suffered from frequent headaches and migraines but 1 month into my program, my headaches were gone and started to get leaner and tighter – I loved the physical changes happening to my body!”

Jen McPetrie, mom of 2, age 33, Toronto, ON

“I struggled with my weight for so long trying so many different diets and wasting so much time doing cardio. I saw Jenny’s Client Transformations and knew I had to have her do my diet. She taught me what to eat and how much and also how to enjoy a lot of variety – on a diet!!! I lost over 35 lbs including 7 inches around my waist and 6 inches off of my hips. Plus I have easily maintained my new physique that I’m so proud of!”

May Rabano, age 42, mom of 3, Markham, ON

“As a mom of 3, I knew I needed a nutrition program that not only got me to my goals but also allowed me to have food flexibility to spend time with my family. I lost over 20 lbs (which is huge for me since I’m only 5 feet tall) and peeled off over 5 inches around my waist. I looked so good and program was so effective, I did something I never thought I would ever do and compete in a Bikini Show at the age of 44…and placed 2nd using the strategies of my 28-Day Fat Loss Solution”

Introducing the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint – The ultimate nutritional program that will show you how to lose weight, feel great, get you fitting back into your clothes, and keep that weight off for good.

The 28-Day, Done-For-You, Fat Loss Nutrition Guide has been proven to reduce body fat, increase energy, make you look years younger, and has helped thousands of women break the cycle of yo-yo dieting forever by showing you exactly how much to eat along with offering plenty of food flexibility.

For almost a decade, I’ve coached thousands of women to weight loss success and I’ve taken the best kept secrets of their dieting strategies and complied it in this very easy to follow e-book to help you lose that stubborn belly fat for good.

Even after years of being assaulted with diet pills, weight loss shakes, cleanses, celebrity magazines filled with extremely low calorie diets, or whatever restrictive dieting craze is out there; you’ll be shocked to discover just how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off forever.

And the 28-Day Fat Loss Solution
Program is all yours for only $79


In addition to the done-for-you nutrition guide, you’ll also need a food scale to enjoy an abundance of food flexibility.

Plus you’ll receive 2 special bonuses

1) The Weekend Survival Guide Retail Value = Retail Value $19.95

We all need some flexibility when it comes to following a weight loss diet so I’ve put together the weekend survival guide for maximum food flexibility.

2) Free 1-Year Access to my Private VIP Support Group = Retail Value $750

“Surround yourself with others who are going to lift you higher”.

In my Private Facebook Community, you will have full access to me, my coaches, and my Success Story clients to answer your most pressing weight loss and diet questions.

Why am I giving you over $800 worth of Nutritional Programs and Guidance for only $79?

Because this is the exclusive-preferred Fat Loss Solution Customer’s Only Pre-Launch Bonus that I only offer to my VIP Members.

And because I cannot coach any more clients, I want to share their weight loss secrets to you right now.

Total Retail value of the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint Program is over $800.

But the first 1000 Action Takers will be able to download this program for $79 before we raise the price.

But because of the thousands of women that I help transform their bodies and keep that weight off permanently, I’m completely confident that you’re going to love everything about my 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint including the best weight loss results of your life.

Thank you in advance for your order and I can’t wait to help you lose that belly fat and jiggly thighs…and keep it off forever.

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe, RHN
Inside Fitness Magazine Fitness Expert
Interactive Nutrition Panel Advisory Board

P.S. If you’re sick of constantly yo-yo dieting and being let down by the latest diet fad on Cosmo such as cleanses, detoxes, juice diets, shake diets, and no carbs then you need to use the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint to change your life and achieve your best, ever body.

P.P.S. The only catch is to act now to receive the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint Program for only $39 because after our 1000th sale, the price will be going up to $79.

P.P.P.S There is absolutely no risk to try the 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint Program because if you’re not thrilled with your frumpy clothes loosening up and the compliments you’re going to receive from your friends in as little as 1 month then let us know and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. The results of my 28-Day Fat Loss Blueprint has been featured in Inside Fitness Magazine and Muscle Memory Magazine, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

The 28-Day Fat Loss Solution
Program is all yours for only $79


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